Tigers Cage Productions is a film and video production organization that seeks to pro vide a complete film and video making production service for the mass media companies so that we are able to provide jobs and skills to the marginalized communities, youth and women.




To grow a multi-disciplinary team of young and innovative women, in order to offer a broad spectrum of best services in film making.




To provide world class services in film and documentary making competing locally, nationally and beyond our boarders and abroad.




Story telling in two hour form has existed since the Greeks and movies are merely a way to distribute stories. As film writers we are standing on the precipice of the most exciting time in the history of media business. We now have infinitely more ways to tell our stories and connect them to the audience.


Being a multi-facet service provider Tigers Cage Productions offers a wide range of filming and media services:



  • Animation
  • Cartoonists
  • Photography
  • Makeup Artists
  • Casting & Recruiting
  • Events & Management
  • Music Production Team
  • Beauty Pageant Hosting
  • In House Professional Screen Writers
  • We've worked with Miss SA team, planning and executing makeup master class for 2016 top 12 finalists and are currently working with reigning queen
  • Music videos shoots for SA's top artists.